Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Uglyworld #982 - Bächle (Project BIG - 47-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 47/365

Wells today the weathers was a little colders than it has beens but thankfullies the rain stayed aways and that meant I could gets outsides and explorers Freiburg finallies!

The city itselfs is completelies full of peoples walkings in everys direction, is likes they is all possessed by cookies or somethings else, they is one hundreds percenties focused on gettings to wherevers they is going. I really had to watches where they was going to makes sure I doesn't get tramplered on!!!

One thing that I finds that I thought was Uber-cools was these little streamers that runs all arounds the city. I stoppered a locals man and asks him what they is theres for and he was very helpfuls to tells me alls about them.

Even though I thinks they is reallies just streamers, I learneds that they is calleds "Bächle" and is splitted off from the locals river calleds the Dreisam and that the streamers was used many years ago to provides waters throughouts the city to fights fires and to brings water for animalers to drinks and other goods uses.

I askered the friendlies local man if they is also used for sewerage, as I couldn't smells anythings bad comings from them, but he tells me that they is nots ever to be used for this and if you does you can expecter a bigs fine from the police, so better nots do it I thinks!

Before the locals man says goodbyes he tells me another funnies story abouts the streamers, that if you accidentallies will falls or steps into the waters of one then the rule is that you must marries a Freiburger person, ha ha, I thinks whoever makes the rule just gets some wets feet too!!!

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