Sunday, 20 February 2011

Uglyworld #988 - Super Duper Sundays (Project BIG - Image 51-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 51/365

Hi everyone, you may remembers that backs in Januaries it was the birthdays of Baz, if nots then you does now, but anyways he asks Mireille for somethings special for his present this year and even mores amazingly it wasn'ts even for him!

What he asks for was an awesomes new jacket for me to wears during my dailies photos projecter, or three-six-fiver as some of yous prefers to calls it.

This morning I waked up to the smells of pancakers filling the room, and after I had eated all of the massives pile which was lyings on my plate I gets told to close my eyers and puts my hands out in front of myself with no peekings allowed.

I could feels some kinds of materials on my hands, but I hads absolutelies no ideas what it could be's untils I openers my eyes.

"WOOOOOOWZERS!!!", I gets told I screamered at the tops of my voices, I couldn'ts believer my eyes at alls, checks out the awesomes new jackets that Mireille sweateds and works mega hards at makings all on her owns for me, it evens got a wickeds hood incase my ears gets colder!!!

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