Sunday, 27 February 2011

Uglyworld #995 - Tray's New Dress (Project BIG - Image 58-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 58/365

I tells you all yesterdays that there was some secrets being whispereds into my ears by Monkey abouts something cools that happeneds during the week, well don't worries now the cats is outs of the bags so I can shares it withs you alls!

Tray has askered Monkey if he coulds come along with her intos the city to helps her picks out a cools new dress to surprisers Wage with, and thanks to the awesomes skills that monkey possesses he was ables to not onlies finds her a perfects new asymmetricals dress, but alsos a matchings new bags too, which he says is calleds a "clutch bag".

All I can says is I is sometimes gettings a little jealous of how happies the two of them is, but I just smiles and thinks to myself that somewheres out there is the perfects ugly for me toos, I just has to keeps looking!

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