Monday, 28 February 2011

Uglyworld #997 - Secrets Funnies (Project BIG - Image 59-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 59/365

When we checkeds intos the newers hotel in Marburg tonights I spotteds somethings so cools that I hads to keeps completelies quieter abouts it or Baz would have hads an idea what I was plannings to do laters.

As normals after a long days travelling and workings Baz falleds asleeper not longs after eatings some dinners, so I decideds to have some of what I likes to refers to as "secrets funnies", but you has to promise that you don't tells him anythings about it.

What I had discovereds was that the bedder we has in the rooms can be controllered by this awesomes remotes control, is so much funs, so fars I makes Baz sits up, rolls over and almost managers to makes him folds in two (he almoster wakes up and I hads to stop just befores I makes the finals foldings move).

I really can't stops laughings my smalls bluey grey butt off, is so funnies as Baz doesn't knows what I is makings him do, alls the remote controls needs is a specials "makes Babo some cookies" buttons and it would be perfects.

Okays, I lets you gets on with what you is doings and I makes Baz doing some situps excercising now!

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