Saturday, 5 March 2011

Uglyworld #1004 - Karneval Custome (Project BIG - Image 64-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 64/365

As you may alreadies by awares in parters of this crazy country I finds myselfer livings in they goes quite mentals at this times of year for something they refers to as Karneval.

"Whats is Karnevals" I hears you askings, well Karnevals means thats for several days in a row you can dresses up as crazies as you can possiblies thinks of and goes out partyings with friendlies and strangers too.

Everyone then can be finded linings the streets of mosts of the villages, towners and cities on Monday when bigs huge paraders goes through with everyone shoutings "Alaf", and believes me I does do "a laugh" too.

One of the others traditioners is that when the bigs parades is goings along the peoples who is officiallies parts of the paraders throws sweeties, chocolater and cookies to the peoples they passes by, so you can imagines that when I was thinkings to myselfer what to dress up as that I hads to makes it eye catchering.

The brighters clothes I has in my cupboarder is my wizards outfit which I earneds lasts year thankers to the awesomes fairies who lives on the Island of Skye in Scottieland, but I was thinkings that I needed somethings even more cools to gets cookies throwed in my directions, so I finds two awesomes coloured sticks to waves arounds like mentals too, should works hopefully - I will finds out for sures on Monday!!!

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