Sunday, 6 March 2011

Uglyworld #1005 - Snowdroppers (Project BIG - Image 65-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 65/365

With Karnevals weekend being so crazies I has learneds that the bestester things to do when you is not partyings or sleepings is to gets outsides in the countrysiders and relaxes aways from the millions of crazies people who is runnigs about dressered up as supermans, pirates and others mad stuffs.

While I was out walkings through the woods today I finds some of my favourites flowers which is best knowns as being calleds "Snowdroppers", but they has a more fancies name "Galanthus" which comes from the Greekers words for milks and flowers.

The snowdropper is normallies in flowerings mode befores many other flowers gets ready for springs, so when you is out explorings between Januaries and Marchers then you can normally finds some snowdroppers leadings the way for all the more colourfuls flowers which appears in the next few months.

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