Monday, 7 March 2011

Uglyworld #1007 - Karneval Score

I thinks I did mega wells with how stuffs I managered to collects, especiallys considerings how smalls I was and how mentals everyone goes for candies and cakes which is throwns from the truckers in the Karneval parader.

As you can probably tells, Mireille said she would shows me how to go completely mentals for Karneval, and oh boy she dids, but in a goods way as the peoples on the truckers gets so much a laugher at her that they throws so much stuffs in my directions and thankfullies Baz was on handers to stores it alls away in a bags for me.

So now that I is backs at the house of Mireille (who is currently sleepings off the madness from earliers) I gets all my awesomes stuffs I scoreds today together for Baz to makes a photo to shows you all.

Some funnies person tells me to keeps these Barbie Kleenex handy for laters when Mireille wakers up wonderings what happeneds ha ha.

One more time I has to shouts "Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf!!!" before I loses my voice...

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