Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Uglyworld #1009 - We Must Savers Them Alls (Project BIG - Image 68-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 68/365

Checks this outers, wowzers doesn'ts even coverises it, it is simplies too awesomers to keeps to myselfer - my cousins is comings to lives on Earth in onlies a coupler of daysies!!!

We musts all workers together to saves them all and gives them the most awesomer homes to livers in (and no Jeero I doesn't meaners ucky yucky livers okies). What may nots be so apparents to peoples outs there who has none of us Uglies livings with them yets is that we all needs to have awesomes homers to livers with, as when we has awesomes homers we can be truly uglies for you alls.

They is due to arrivers next weeker on the fourteenerth or Marches, so I suggesters that you starts checkings how many pennies you has in your piggerybankers that you can spends on cookies when you saves and adopters some of my cousins.

And need I tells you how exciteds I am to hears that my own bird finallies gets it's earth-flu shotters and is alloweds to come joiners me at lasts!!!

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