Thursday, 10 March 2011

Uglyworld #1010 - Marburg Virus (Project BIG - Image 69-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 69/365

You may be thinkings that I only does cools and extremely safers things to shows you somethings new every day, well today I is most certainlies not doings something that can be definered as safes, reallies!!!

As you knows I has been visitings Marburg in Germanies for the last two weekers now, well I learneds from some of the localisers that the city was the scenery of a very dangerous virus many years ago, so dangerous and deadlies that the virus even gets namered after the city.

In 1967's there were peoples working a scientifical lab in Marburg who gets exposered to the virus from some infecteds monkeys which leds to the virus laters being calleds the Marburg virus. As you can imagines I was very sads to hears that there was 31 peoples who gots ill from it originallies and 7 of them didn't manages to fights off the virus and endeds up deads, and the others 24 manages to fights it off and stays aliver.

After the virus was firsts named there was more outbreakers of it arounds the world over the years which followeds, which is scaries when it can has a mortalities rate of ups to 90 percenters, not goods odds I thinks you will agrees. Thankfullies with the scientificals people on Earth studyings and workings so hards to finds cures to many diseasers they has now developered several differents preventionaliser medicinisms so hopefullies we don't has to hears abouts people dyings from it agains!

I was too scareds to gets much closers than this as some of the locals biomedicalisation students tells me that there has never been any testers of the virus on uglies so they could never has any ideas what it could does to me.

I never was so glads to be back buckleds up in Baz's car, standings there really did scarings the beejeezusers out of me!

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