Saturday, 12 March 2011

Uglyworld #1012 - Sleep Shearing (Project BIG - Image 71-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 71/365

Last night before I goes to beds my gooders friend Mademan who was with me in Marburgs the last couples of weeks surprisered me with a couple more packeters of Sleepy Sheepies which we scoffered before we went to sleepies.

I can only thinks that the sleepy sheepies is partlies responsible for what happeneds this mornings, as I has no recollections of it at alls, maybies I had betters explainers this in more details for you alls.

I wakers up this mornings with the screamings of Baz and finding my lefts hand holding a set of whats I thinks you humanisers calls clippers, but I personallies prefers to calls them shears as I already knows of them being usered on sheeps.

As I'm sure you can imagines Baz wasn'ts a happy bunnies rabbiter at all and went mentals at me for shavings some of his hairs off, but I really just wakered up when he starteds screaming so I has come to the assumptions that I musts have been sleep walkings, finded the shears and then lookeds for somethings that reminded me of a sheep (which as you can see the hairs of Baz did!!!) and starteds shearing it!

Baz is certainlies not in a goods mood now as he hads to shaves all of his hairs off to makes it look normal again, so I is keepings a low profile today until the stormers blows over! Maybies the sheeps dream also comes from the facts that we doesn'ts go on our Scotlands holiday this years in May as we moves to the new "cookies cave" as I likes to calls it!

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