Sunday, 13 March 2011

Uglyworld #1013 - Consequences (Project BIG - Image 72-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 72/365

After yesterday mornings complete crazyness, I supposed that I would be in lines for a reals good talking to yesterdays but it didn't happens, I wasn'ts sure if was that Baz was avoidings me or if everytimes he walkeds into a rooms that I was alreadies in I sneakered out again straight aways before he could sees me!

Tomorrow Baz has to flies off with work again and obviouslies I was expectings to be going too, but after yesterday it appears that Baz is havings seconder thoughts about lettings littles me tags along with him for the week:-

Baz: "Babo, what do you think you're doing"

Babo: "Checkings that I has everythings for packings my cases"

Baz: "Where do you think you're going?"

Babo: "Withs you, I hopers!"

Baz: "After yesterday, how do I know I won't wake up to you trying to do something else crazy"

Babo: "I has doned my crazies now, you will be safes with me theres with you!"

Baz: "I'm not so sure if you can guarantee something like that!!!"

Babo: "Of courses I cans, just keeps me aways from sleepy sheepies and I will behavers, I promises!"

Afters we hads the discussioner I tries my best to shares with you aboves he wandereds off mutterings to himselfs that he misses his longers hair alreadies, maybe I should buys him some cookies to cheers him ups (and hopefullies he will forgivers me quicklies and shares the cookies withs me too!).

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