Monday, 21 March 2011

Uglyworld #1024 - Huff, Puff and In The Buff (Project BIG - Image 80-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 80/365

Well what can I tells you, yesterdays I had the greaters plan to subliminalies sender a message into the brain of Baz, but it turns out that I has no chances of gettings to meet Mickey Mouses when we is in Paris, here's why...

Babo: "Does you has any planners for the evenings when we is in Paris?"

Baz: "Unfortunately Babo you know how my job works, I will probably have to work late some nights"

Babo: "So we can has no funs?"

Baz: "Sorry Babo, we will only be there Wednesday to Friday"

Babo: "Why, where is we to be befores then?"

Baz: "England Babo, we need to go get my Monaro's annual MOT done"

Babo: "Hmmm, I prefers Scotlanders, can we not go there insteads?"

Baz: "There's no way Babo, we don't have enough time"

At this stager I was alreadies getting workered up as you can imaginisationisers and I throws away my makeshifter Mickey Mouses ears, but I still had the goods planner to go and finds my "I loves Scotland" t-shirter to annoys all the English peoples we meets.

Baz: "Babo, what are you looking for?"

Babo: "My Scotlands t-shirter!"

Baz: "Oh oh, I think it's already packed away for the house move Babo"

Babo: "You has gotter be kiddings me, why would you do such a thinger!"

Baz: "Emmm, Babo, you packed it yourself last weekend"

Enoughs was enoughs, I couldn't takers it any mores so I rippeds off my clothers and went stormings outsides to the garden for a goods rant and rave to myselfer.

The bottomer line (no, nots my bottomer line you cheeky peoples) is that when I doesn't gets to see Mickey mouses while wearings my awesomes mouse ears or to wears my Scotlands t-shirter in England then I will be spendings the week in the buff, completelies!!!

If you doesn't likers it, then complains to Baz, okies!

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