Saturday, 26 March 2011

Uglyworld #1032 - Saying Farewell To The Garden (Project BIG - Image 85-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 85/365

Today I has been mega busies helping Baz outs with packings up the entires house once agains as this timer next week I shoulds have my very owns key to our new house, which I likers to refers to as our new cookie cave!

I found myself standings at the windows looking out onto the gardens and was thinkings of all the funs and gamers we hads out there since we arriveds on Earth and was luckilies adoptered by Baz and Mireille, and that the new cookie cave doesn't haves a garden, but has more spaces for us alls to lives in and explorers.

It didn't takes me too long to decideds that the bestester way to celemabrate the funs we has hads there was to actuallies have some more funs today, so I quickly managered to gets our big pet dogs outs for one more games of fetcher which Wage teachered them lasts year.

So much runnings about, laughings and barkings we hads, so much so's that it was hards to stops having the funs and come backs inside and gets on with the packings.

At leasts the mad bouter of activities seems to have put my four leggedy friendlies back to sleeps again until we gets everything unpackered in the cookie cave next weekender!

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