Monday, 28 March 2011

Uglyworld #1034 - Hotel Room Sneakies (Project BIG - Image 87 - 365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 87/365

If you is readings this story then you must swears not to repeaters it to Baz, evers, OK!!!

I had a masterplan hatching in my head since I learneds we was comings back to Marburg and oh hell yes dids it work outs!

When I checkered us into the hotel this evenings I askered the receptionister if it was possibles to has a room at the backs of the hotel, I telled her the lasts time we was keepered awakes by the noisies neon sign outsides our windows, and of course she apologisered and sorteds out a cools room at the backs for me.

Now, the reals reason for the room beings here is somethings completerly differents, as I discovereds that on the firster floor of the hotel there is a bigs kind of roof courtyarder outside which can be accessered from the windows of the hotels room.

Once I gots into the cools room, I dids a quick bits of surveilence arounds the other rooms and discovereds that there was three windows open arounds the courtyarder, and the rooms all lookered empties. I hoppered down from our windows ledger and sprintered as fasts as my leggers could carries me to the firsts window and climbs up to looks inside, no-one arounds, so ins I went, grabbered all their goodies and sprinters back to my room withs them all.

After doing the sames stunts for the two other windows I hads myself quite a score of goodies to keeps me going for the night in fronts of the telemavision while Baz works on reports and stuffers.

Hopefullies they will all be restockered again for more stunters antics tomorrow too!!!

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