Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Uglyworld #1035 - Reprimanagered (Project BIG - Image 88 - 365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 88/365

I officiallies haters corners, reallies, I really, really officiallies haters them, even mores than I haters having no super duper choco chippo cookies to eats, and that is extremers alreadies!

Why does I haters corners, simples, as I was made to stands in one today for almosts three whole hours, mentals I bets you will agrees. I was outs searching hotels rooms for more snacks to takes back to my room when I gets caught in anothers room by one of the maiders.

I trieds to convince her that I hads permissions to be theres, but she wasn'ts for believerings me at alls, she wouldn't even accepters a fine selection of snacks that I was willings to lets her have in exchanger for keepings quiet.

From there everything went super fasts downhill, as the maider phoneds the manager and then they went nutters at me, and tolds me that I must standers in the corner of the room until Baz comes home from works, I tolds them that could be very lates but they just made an evils laugh and tells me that it would gives me more to thinks about the wrongs stuffer I dids, pah!

Oh yeah, I still hates corners too...

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