Saturday, 16 April 2011

Uglyworld #1053 - Interwebs Is Here (Project BIG - Image 106-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 106/365

I was ups brights and earliers this morning as I hads a surpriser to shares with everyones!

Durings the weeker when I was in Landshut with Baz I gots confirmanation that my new interwebs boxer would be arrivings on Saturdays, so I mades triplers sure that I went to beds earlies last night so that I could be up extras early today.

When I heared the doorbells go "ding-dongs" I was offs like a shot downs the stairs to meeters with the postsman, but it turneds out we doesn't has a postsman in the new cookie cave, we has a postswoman, awesomes stuff!

She handeds me the boxer of interwebs stuffs and I was so exciteds that I was alreadys climbing back up the stairs when she remindered me that I had to signs for it too! I mades a funny joke that she just wanters my signamature as I is so famouses, and as soon as I had signered for the packager I was ups the stairs and shoutings to my birdies new friendlies to comes and gives me some helpers to sets it up.

The Pointy twins was mega eagers to helper and takereds care of the softwares instamallation, while Nandy Bear helpered me outs with plugging all the cablers in everywhere afters my lasts fiasco, and Ket just wanteds to gives everyones on the interwebs a virtuals hug once we gots it all ups and runnings.

Once we gets useds to havings the interwebs again I is sure Baz and me will catchers up with everyones that we has misseders durings the whole mentallers house mover!

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