Saturday, 23 April 2011

Uglyworld #1065 - St George's Quest

St George's Quest - Part 1

The brave St George had been travelling with his trusty steed "Whoopsie", for longer than even he himself could remember, across vast lands and oceans all in the pursuit of one thing, saving Princess Minus from the evil clutches of the infamous ice-dragon.

The sun was beating down on his tired and weary face as he reached the edge of the area known as Rockabilly, and he drew Whoopsie to a halt to survey the surrounding area.

"We're close to the ice-dragons evil lair now Whoopsie, we must venture onwards on our quest but with great care and cunning", said St George.

"Hmmm, ok", murmurred his trusty steed Whoopsie, who was growing increasingly hungry with every step he took, especially that it was breakfast time, something he had been missing out on since this heroic quest began.

With the shout of "Onwards..." the pair continued on their quest towards Princess Minus...

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