Saturday, 23 April 2011

Uglyworld #1070 - Babo To The Rescue (Project BIG - Image 113-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 113/365

This evenings Wage phonered backs to the cookies cave in a bitters of distressings, as the news car he had justs had delivereds had overheateds and breakers down on the Autobahns near where we livers in Aachen.

He didn't wants Baz to knows what happeneds so he trieds to callers for a recoveries trucker to come and helps him, but becauser it was Easters weekender they telleds him he would needs to waits for hours to gets the car pickeds up.

I was just sittings at homes in the cookie cave paintings up some coolers Easter Eggers for tomorrow, which is Easter Sundays incase you forgetters, so I throwed on my jacket and wents to helps him out.

It turneds out that there was some leavers stucks somewhere underneaths, so I useds my supers ugly strengths to lifts the car ups enough for Wage to pokes the leavers out with some of the tools he remembers to packs into the car before he wents out for a driver.

Befores long we hads the Monaro running perfects again and drivered it homes again, but it has me thinkings that maybe I could earns some extra cookies money by helpings people outs with breakered down cars...

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