Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Uglyworld #1080 - Friendlies Rock! (Project BIG - Image 117 - 365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 117/365

Friendlies rock!!!

Bwah, I is mega happies tonights, and all becausers of the super dupers awesomer plan that my Flickr friendlies Caz comes up with to gets me some choccies.

Caz suggestered that I shoulds just goes and askers the receptionister persons if they could does some swapperoonies for my apples in exchangers from some choccies, so I decideds to gives it a trier.

Checks it outs, 2 times romanticals choccies, lasts timer I only managered to scores 1 romantical choccy, but as I hads 2 applers to trades I tellered the receptionister I would only settler for 2 choccies back!

She trieds to tells me that I would gets fatter if I gets 2 choccies, so I justs unzippered my jacketer and shows her my awesomes, toneds belly and she realiseds that I could handlers both choccies withouts a problemer!

Baz seemers to be in a goods mooder too, as he is even talkings about gettings us a pizza tonighter so we can relax in the hotels and watchers the Championers Leaguers footballings. I is nots as good a footsballer as my females cousin, she rockers at footsballing bigtimes!!!

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