Thursday, 28 April 2011

Uglyworld #1081 - Cavermans (Project BIG - Image 118 - 365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 118/365

Some timers ago I was relaxerings as you does with my feeters up on the couch watchings some telemavisions, when a programmer comed on about ancienter animals calleds Dinomasaurs.

I was completelies fascinimated at how massivers they was, as lets facer it, compareds to a littlers ugly likes me they is unimaginablies big!!!

The presenters of the show explainered that there was alreadies humaners arounds too, in the forms of what they calleds Cavermans, probablies because if you was cools you livereds in a cave, rocks on, literallies!!!

Until today I fully believered that the Cavermans were no longers living amongsts us alls, checkers it outs, a real lifes Caverman I befriendered at Munichs airporter this afternoons!!! At firsts I makered a jokes with Baz by askerings, "Do-you-thinks-he-saw-us", but I guesses Baz had heards it befores as it onlies raisered a chuckler.

Unfortunatelies he couldn't undermastands my awesomes language skills in eithers Englishers or Uglynese, so I resorteds to makings hand and arm signals impersomonating a plane takings off and he givered me a cools wink and thumbs up, so I thinks he undermastood me.

I lovers doing all the cools travellers with Baz, you just never knows where we goes next or what we discovers.

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