Saturday, 30 April 2011

Uglyworld #1083 - Smokies Alarmers (Project BIG - Image 120-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 120/365

This evenings while we were all sittings relaxing on the coucher in fronts of the Televamision we hears a beepings noise and wonders what it coulds be!

We already knows that when Baz tried to cooks that he normallies enders up makings it looks like charamacoal and in doings so setters of the smokies alarmers, but this beepings was differents but with the sames toner.

Eventuallies we pinners it downs to the smokies alarmer and justs as I gets closers enough to touches it I gets a massivers loud "BEEP" in my ear nubbins, which makered them rings for some minuters. When I inspectered things a littles closer I findered out that the battery was almost deadies, and the alarmer was warnings of this.

I shouteds on my gooders friendlies the Pointy Brothers to comes and helps me out to makes sure that everyone stayeds safe untils we gets a new battery installeds. Green pointy is makings sure everyone knows which ways to run if a fire breakers out, by doings what he does bester - pointings!

Purples pointy is makings sure that no-one else tries to putters the nearly deads battery backs insider and I was in charge of makings beepings noisers if I could smells smoke.

Hopefullies Baz will be backs sooner with the newer battery so we can returners to relaxings on the coucher...!!!

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