Monday, 2 May 2011

Uglyworld #1085 - Whats Is It, Tells Me Pleasers? (Project BIG - Image 122 - 365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 122/365

You hopefullies noticered by nows that when I travellers with Baz that I always likes to checkers out all the coolers buildings and stuffers around the locals cities, well this weeker we finders ourselfers backs in Landshut once agains, but this times in another cools hotel in the olders part of the city centres.

Baz tolds me to standers outsiders the receptions area as he had somethings secret to discussers with the receptionister, and then he mades me covers my eyes when we entereds the room, all unders some illusions that I will loves the view.

He then helpered me to gets over to the windows and makes me stands with my backs to the outsiders for this photomagraph to be takens, and now he tells me I can't turners arounds until at least [b]5 peoples[/b] tells me what is behinds me!!!

Crazies sometimes is Baz, todays is one of those days too I thinks!

So behinds me, whats is it, tells me pleasers?!?!?!


  1. I looked on flickr and saw that four people had already said what it was so here I am....

    Hey Babo! It's the "pointy bit" of a church that is apparently called St Jodok's!
    Weird name......but I like it! How bout you Babo?

  2. Yeah, it rockered when I could turner around and checkers it out, I even went and visitered it yesterdays and findered some dandemalions to blows :)

  3. yes, "dandemalions" are "awsomer".