Friday, 13 May 2011

Uglyworld #1097 - There Is A Perfectlies Good Explanationer (Project BIG - Image 133-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 133/365

Today the reason for Babo's apparent madness was revealed, and thankfully it wasn't even the least bit sinister after all, I better let Babo explain.

"Hi everyones, is Babo heres again. I is sorries if I makered somes of you feelers nervousings but I couldn't shares what I had with Baz untils we was safelies back home"

"I lovers to plays with the gamering machiner you guys likes to calls the Ex-Boxer, and lasts year I takered parts in a competitions to wins some awesomer Halo goodies, and what arrivered on Wednesdays was my mega awesomer prize!"

"Checkers it outs, I not onlies won the cools Halo Reach gamer, but it was also parts of the awesomes limited editioner box set which containeds top secrets photomagraphy, sliders, as well as a diary fulls to the brim with informationisms abouts the Covenant, and lifes on Planet Reach befores everything went mentals there."

"Hads I shareded the facts that I winnered the prize while we was aways with works, then it woulds have been hards for me to gets to players it firsts, so I hads to be secretivers abouts it all, hopes you understands!"

"Coolers prize huh?"

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