Thursday, 26 May 2011

Uglyworld #1109 - So Fars So Goods (Project BIG - Image 145 - 365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 145/365

So fars so goods, we is now in Chicago's airporter and even though there is loaders of flights cancellered due to stormies and lightnings arounds the mid westers part of Americas we was abler to flies in from the Pacifics North Wester.

Even betters is that our hairyplane is waitings outsider for us to jumpers onto for the long flighter backs to Germanies. I don't thinker I has seens such madderness in a hairyport befores, as around 40 flighters is showings as cancellered and hundreders of peoples is queueings up to finds out how they can gets to their destimanations!

I decidered to does my bit for goods spirit and everytimes a plane takers off I does a massivers "woohoo" and runs up and downs the concourser telling everyones that another one gets out. I also learnereds how to gives high fives to long liners of peoples todays too, they is uber cools!

I hopes you all makered the ash scareds and outs of our flighters path, so we can has a perfectlies normal flighter home. I convincered Baz to gets me my owns seater in businesses classer so I can has a beer and then sleepies the rests of the flighter :)

Next timers you hears from me I will be backs home, and Scottish mama comes to visiter us for a holidays too on Fridays, woohoo!

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