Thursday, 26 May 2011

Uglyworld #1111 - New Accomodationisms (Project BIG - Image 147-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 147/365

Todays I is so mega excitereds, and ifs you doesn't alreadies know whys then I betters tells you.

Firstlies this afternoons Scottish Mama will arriver to stays with us for a weeks and a bit heres in the Cookies Cave or Casa del Kohlscheid as we likes to calls it, how cools is that, I hopes she bringers Scottisher cookies withs her!

Secondlies what you sees me standerings besides is the awesomers new accomodationisms for alls of my brothers, sisters and cousins which justs arrivered a few minuters ago.

I suggestered to Baz thats me and Ice-Bat could builders them alls up ourselves today as he musts popper into work for some thingies, but he tellered me that I has to just be a littles bit more patients and that he will builders them all through the weekender.

Ice-Bat was already thinkings to himself how cools it woulds be to lives on the tops floor penthouser apartment, but Mireille tellered him that we all has to draws straws to decider who gets to lives on what floors!

Once we has the new accomodationisms all buildered up I'll make sures that Baz takers some photomagraphs to shares with you alls.

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