Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Uglyworld #1127 - Mireille's Dinomasaurs Book (Project BIG - Image 158-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 158/365

I has to tells you a littles story behinders this photomagraph today, the shorters version of which is thats Mireille always tellers me and the other uglies livings here that she haters dinomasaurs, completelies, totallies, uneqivacollies, hopefully you gets the drifter.

Well you can imaginers my amazersment when me and Baz arrivers homes from Marburgs earliers than plannered and I finders Mireille outs somewhere and ones of whats I thoughtered was her studyerings books lying on the coucher, with none others than a bigs dinomasaur on the covers!!!

I thinkers the book has been speciallies madered for her, as they seems to be trying to covers up the dinomasaurs book as beings for computerings people, but I knows betters!

Haters dinomasaurs my lefts buttcheeker, I knews she was going ons about them too muchers for her reasons to maker sense!

When she getters home I'm going to has to questions her on the laterest and greaterest "Veloceraptors operatings system", or even betters still whats is the bestest platformer to builds on, "stone ager" or "prehistoricals"...!!!

pee.ess. You may or may not haves noticered that Mireille has taken some photomagraphs of her owns again (evens one of me withs her flowers), for the firster times in ages - if you doesn't knows who she is then pops in and says hello and tells her Babo senders you. She even managered to shoots a supers cool photomagraph of me and Baz while we was enjoyerings visiting Koblenz with Scottish Mama lasts weeker!

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