Sunday, 26 June 2011

Uglyworld #1161 - Naturals Amphitheaters

The hikers up to this awesomer spectamacle wasn't the easiests for little me to makes, so I hads to gets Baz to carries me for some parts.

When we finallies reachered the ends of the path and stoods right in the centres of the awesomer naturals amphiteatre locateds at Blue Basins it was amazings.

There was evens a strangers sight of a horizontals rainbower which Baz said was appearings as the clouder had some waters insides of it and the toasty hots sun was makings it shows up. I will askers Baz to uploaders a cools photomagraph of the rainbower.

It was so hots at this stager of the day that I even hads to puts up my hoodie to stops my little ears nubbins from gettings burnered.

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