Monday, 25 July 2011

Uglyworld #1200 - Chipper!!!

I can't thinks of a betters way to celemabrate the 1200ther photomagraph in Baz's documentaries series of us uglies that lives withs Mireille and him in Aachens, Germany - than with Cinko's awesomer friendly CHIPPER...!!!

Chipper was so exciteds to hears that he coulds feature in the specialers photomagraph and decideds that he would do a super specials stunter that he has been practicings for alls the touristers who comes to visits Craters Laker.

Look at how highs he can holders the cookie in the airs, I was super amazered to be ables to watchers him performs his stunter from so closer by, everyones around gavered him a massivers round of applausings, and well deservered they was too!

I gave him a littler belly tickle to see if he would dropper the cookie, but nopes, he is a true professionamal, what a guy Chipper is...!!!

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