Monday, 22 August 2011

Uglyworld #1243 - Whats A Letdowner (Project BIG - Image 234-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 234/365

This evenerings after we had eatereds our dindins Baz tolds me that he had a biggers surpriser in stores for me that would starts once it got darkers outside, so you can imaginers I was getterings mega excitereds as the sun droppered and the nightertime camer runnering ins.

Arounds 10 pee-emm's Baz said that it was times for my surpriser and tellered me I had to keepers my handies over my ear nubbins while he finalerised the plannerings with Mireille. Keepering my handies over my ear nubbins wasn't easies, and I lettered them goes a coupler of times to hears littler bits of infos.

"Funs, outsiders, balcony and most importantlies Green Lantern", I managered to hears while pretendering to has my nubbins covereds, so I hads the great thoughters in my head that Mireille or Baz has scoreds us a copy of the newers Green Lantern film to watchers out on the balcony...

Don't gets me wrong, this green lantern is still cools, but I was hopering for a differents one...

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