Thursday, 1 September 2011

Uglyworld #1252 - Bladders Controllers Issues (Project BIG - Image 244-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 244/365

Befores Baz gots back from workerings yesterdays I hidereds the strangers impostimer that had arrivers untils I could haves enough timers to workers out whats to do abouts this trickiers situation!

I gots up super earlier while no-one else was awakers to tries and thinkers more abouts why exactlies Baz would ever needs anothers Babo. I hears all of yous outs there in interwebs land tellering me reasoners, evens that he coulds be a stunters doubler - my problemer with this is thats I lovers to does all the mentallers stuffs by myselfer, it would be mega borings if I lettereds someone else makers all the riskies businessers.

Since I removereds him from the travellerisations box he arrivereds insides he doesn't moves or makes a singlers noise, almosts as though he is pretenderings not to be alives, but I isn't stoopids, nopes not at alls. I knows that even the besterests of ugly willpowers will not helps you out when you needers to goes to the toilets...checkers it out, he's got bladders controllers issues and wettereds the grounds beneath his feets!

I still hasn't decidereds if I should letters him outs yet, as others than the bladders stuff he doesn't movers or even blinkers an eye at me outsiders of his box, he is behaverings just likes a statue, buts one with wetters feet at the moments.

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