Monday, 5 September 2011

Uglyworld #1254 - Hellers Canyons (Project BIG - Image 246-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 246/365

Hi everyones, I musts firsters gives out apologisers to you alls for me nots havering new photomagraphs onliner on Saturdays and Sundays, buts it was all downs to the factor that the internets didn't follows us arounds outs in the wildernesses so it couldn't be helpered, but don't worries - we still tookered our photomagraphs each day to shares with you alls!

When I hears the worder "Canyons", I always thinkers we is goings to visiters the Grands Canyons and gets disappointered, thankfullies though our tripper to Hellers Canyons which is locatered right on the bits of lands that connectors Oregons and Idahos was super cools anyway.

Baz had readereds up on the canyons before we leavered the hotels so he was fulls of interestings informationisms abouts it all, and I was surprisered to hears that the hellers canyons is actuallies calimered to be the deeperest river gorge in Norths Americas at 7993 feeties, and believers me standerings on the edger and looking overs makes my head spinners and belly goes all mentallers.

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