Monday, 5 September 2011

Uglyworld #1256 - Glaciers Nationaler Park (Project BIG - Image 247-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 247/365

It may not lookers like it to you alls out there sitting warms and comfies in internets land, but holy poopsticks was I freezering colds getting this photomagraph takened!

Not onlies was it freezering colds, but it was also befores 7 eh-emm's in the morning, to say Baz was ups at the cracker of dawn would be a massivers undermastatement, I thinks in this caser he was evens up befores it!

In this photomagraph I am standerings on what may just lookers like a little liner of stones, but lets me tell you that it is infacter a littlers safety wall that is there to stops you fallings to your deaths from the mountains that you is on.

When Baz was setterings up this photomagraph, doings all of his framering stuffs I tolds him to makes sure you can sees just how high ups we is, and sures enough I thinks he managered to does it!

This littler wall is alls that stands betweeners the weary travellers on the worlds famouser "roaders to the suns highway" which snakers its way throughs the biggers mountains and valleyers of Glaciers Nationaler Park in Montana.

I had wondereds if I would meeters my gooders friend Jeero who livers in Montamanana, but he callereds me up to lets me know that when I was comerings to Montamanana that he was beings a professionalers Navimagator and was takings his families on a tour to Utahs and Colormorados, wherevers they is, ah wells, next timer hopefullies!

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