Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Uglyworld #1259 - Holds Stillers (Project BIG - Image 250-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 250/365

Wowzers, alreadies we has reachered day two hundreders and fifties, so mega quicklies it has runnereds up on us alls.

Talkings of runnerings up on peoples Baz gets runnereds up on by a squirreler this mornings, I couldn't stops laughering when he came backs into the room and showeds me three scratcher marks right underneaths his eye.

I askereds him what makered the marks and he tellereds me it was a squirreler that falled outs of a tree onto his shoulders and then it scratchered him and runnered off, I felled over laughering for several minutes, it was so hards to catchers my breath agains, woo-eee...

Eventuallies I realisereds that I hads to be nicers to Baz, otherwise he might stoppers my pockets monies, which in turns would means a lack of cookies for me to eats, so I went withs him to buys some creamies to makes the scratches better agains.

I just wish he would hold stillers, every times I tries to puts the cream on he keep moverings as he says it stingers!

I'm thinking to heads out on a huntering trip to finds the squirreler who dids the damagers and to either wrings his little furrier neck or bringers him to justices, whats you think I should does? (aparts from laughering again when Baz isn't arounds).

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