Thursday, 15 September 2011

Uglyworld #1267 - Pssst, Over Heres! (Project BIG - Image 258-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 258/365

How dare I have thought, even for a single second that tonight would just be a nice relaxing evening in the hotel, without a single ounce of stress to worry way hosay...

I arrived back to the hotel room and was surprised that the TV wasn't blasting away at full volume, and that Babo wasn't sprawled out on the bed or couch as normal with a half eaten pile of cookies tucked up beside him, it was TOO quiet, eerily quiet to be honest.

Babo must have heard the hotel room door click shut behind me, as I was only a couple of footsteps into the room when the top drawer began to slowly open, and what at first looked like only a towel began to rise out from the depths of the drawer, until Babo half poked his head out from under the towel.

"Pssst, over heres!", Babo whispered in my direction. What could I do? Ignore him, sure, but where would that get me in the long run, so I moved closer to find out what was troubling the little guy.

Babo, who was obviously physically shaken started talking, "Baz, I knows that I promisereds you and Mireille that I woulds never openers your mailers ever agains on my owns, but todays I was getterings so intriguereds about the cardboarder box which arrivereds that I starteds to cuts at the tapers which was holdering it shuts, and then suddenlies all hells breakers loose!".

It was at this point that I noticed the box lying open on top of the bed and packing material strewn everywhere around it.

"Whatevers the hell was insiders of the boxer, they movereds at the speeders of lights, I am luckies to be alivers, I runned as fasts as I coulds and endereds up here, hidering in the towelers drawer until you came homes to helpers me out!", Babo explained.

I really wasn't sure if this was going to be one of Babo's practical jokes, but he assured me that the last place he saw the invaders move was in the direction of the bathroom, the door of which was currently closed. Time to investigate what all the fuss was about methinks...

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  1. Good luckers finding the intruders!