Friday, 16 September 2011

Uglyworld #1269 - Selfer Preservamanations (Project BIG - Image 259-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 259/365

"There is certain timers in your life where you finds yourselfer starings at somethings or other that is biggers and scariers than you can possiblies imaginers, and these is the days that definers you!"

I remembers hearing some crazies mentaller person sayings the above stuffs one time before and wondered what the hells they was talkerings about, but afters the maderness yesterdays in the hotel room I thinks I now undermastanders it fullies!

I musts definers myself, yuppers, well at leasts I must definers myself while also thinkerings about selfer preservamanations, as lets facer it, whats the pointer in takings the time to definer myself and then I isn't arounds to enjoyers it. I better stops thinkering abouts it all befores I gets a sores header, ha ha, sometimes I even confusers myself.

Anyways, backs to the selfer preservamanations, what betters way to does so than to makers full use of my supposed stunters doubler that I has amazinglies managered to keeps hidered from the eyes of Baz in our hotels room. What betters way is there for a stunters doubler to go, than somethings like this, it's what I thinks they lives for alls along, at leasts in my eyes anyways.

I just needs to push him ins a little bits further then he can deals with those invaders who tookered over our bathsroom yesterday, that trio of poopers makereds me has to go to the receptions every time I needs to go to the toiletter!

Good lucks my stunters doubler, may the power of the cookies be with you (as longs as you doesn't takers mine that is)!

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