Saturday, 17 September 2011

Uglyworld #1270 - Joyriderings (Project BIG - Image 260-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 260/365

I am beginnings to wonder if Baz heareds me right this mornings when I askereds him if I could borrows the car, as he is so busy gettering everythings orgamanised for the arrivals of Mireille tomorrows evening that I thinks he justs said yes without really knowings what I had askered.

Eithers way, I was luckies to finds the car with at leasts half a tanker of go-go juices in it, and I has spendered so much timers in the lasts few months in the passengers seater watchering Baz drivings us all overs the country that I knows automaticallies what I needs to do too.

I just hopes that I doesn't pullers up to a set of traffics lighters beside a policers car, or they may gets a littles bit mentaller at me drivering, as I doesn't has a driverings licenser for here on Earths. I does has one for back on Uglyworld, but there we has cars that you justs teller where you wants to go and they goes there, you doesn't needs to do much at alls.

Incase you is wondering how I is ables to operationer the pedals for stoppies and goers while still keeperings holder of the steerers wheelie, my gooders friend Reddy Freddy is pressering whichever one I tells him to, it was quite funnies at firsts as we would be flyering alongs at lights speeders one seconder, and then slammering on the brakes the nexts, but we soon got ourselves all co-ordiminated and stuffs.

You may be wonderings why I needers the car at alls, well you sees, I getters the phone numbers of a localler pesters exterminiminator who loaners out some stuffs to deals with unwelcomer guests, justs like we has in our bathrooms in the hotel at the moments. I hasn't heareds much from insides the bathroom since I helped my stunters doubler to face ups to the problem himselfer. Hopefullies the exterminiminator will still be opens when I arrivers, as I don't seems to remember so many redders lights on these roads before!

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