Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Uglyworld #1273 - Cannoner Beachers (Project BIG - Image 263-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 263/365

Hello from our firsters proper days of summer holimadays, and as you can sees we has gone and visitereds a beacher to kicks things off.

Baz tolds me that every other timer he has gone to the beacher that it will be colds and greys, so I makereds sure to packers my jacketer for the day too, and guessers what - it was super sunnies, blues and warms - no greys or colders in sights.

It did gives me the perfecters reasoner to breaks out my new pair of sunnerglasses though, greats helper they was to lets me be able to sees perfectlies all day longs in the brighters lights.

Mireille wanteds me to makes sure to tells you all that the uploaders from my travellers may be a littler bits all overs the shopper in the comings days as we will be on the roads untils the weekender, but believers me if I can finders a way to uploaders my awesome photos I wills!

I'm offs now to go dips my feeties in the Pacificer Oceans one more times, and tomorrows we will be in Calimafornia, rockers on big times!

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