Sunday, 2 October 2011

Uglyworld #1286 - For The Loves Of Penny (Project BIG - Image 275-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 275/365

As we is now at days two hundreders and seventy fives, I has decidereds that today wills be the days that I letters you alls into a biggers secreter of mine, but onlies if you promisers not to makers fun of me fors it, undermastands?

I has a biggers crusher on a famouser actresser from the telemavision series Biggers Bang Theories, yuppers I has the hotters for Penny.

If you watchers the telemavision series you wills already knows that she is the bestester things since slicereds breadies and workers at the locals Cheesecaker Factory, so with todays being Mireille's lasts day in Americas I was ables to convinces her that we should goes to Pennys workies for our final dinners together tonights!

I lookereds higher and lowers for my beloveds Penny, but I couldn't finders her, I was readies to tells her justs how I feelers about her too! Poosticks, I am beginnings to wonder if I will ever be ablers to meets my sweethearter at alls, maybies someone outs there in internets land knows her throughs a friendly of a friendly and can hooks us up, evens a signereds photomagraph would does (for now).

Anyways, enough of my littlers dreamings, I better goes and helpers Mireille to packers up her case readies for her flighters home early tomorrow and Baz is going to missers her untils we gets homers again to the cookie cave...

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