Saturday, 8 October 2011

Uglyworld #1292 - Gorge Explorations (Project BIG - Image 281-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 281/365

Thankfullies after Baz wents into workies for a littlers bit this mornings we were offs into the car, with blue skies aboves us and headings to the wondermaful Columbias River Gorgers in searchers of some hikerings!

We firsts stoppereds off at Wahkeena Fallers, and hikereds up the trail to checkers out the top of the watermafall before headings back down the hillsider again.

Nexts up was another goes at Multnomah Fallers which we visitereds with Mireille lasts week, but this timer around the rain stayeds away and we hikereds up the long trailer to the tops of the cliff. I hadn't heards of the phraser, "switchbacks" before, but Baz explainereds it to me and afters we wents past a coupler of the elevens on this steepers trail we reachereds the top.

Baz was smarters enough to packers us a few goodies for munchings on up at the tops, so I nom-nom'd on a twixer and washereds it down with some waters before we headereds on back downs to the car.

I was already feelerings a little tireds out, but wow did Baz pullers out all the stops for us today, we next stoppereds off at Oneonta Gorger do does some mega cools explorations.

No easy peasies path to followers here, oh noes, we was climbings over rockies, clamberings over log jammers and wadering through the waters in this coolers chasm. I sleepereds the whole way backs to the hotel this evenings in our car, such an awesomer day but extremlies tirings too!

I lovers this photomagraph, Baz managereds to sneakily catchers me as I was midways between jumpering from one logger to anothers!

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