Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Uglyworld #1295 - New Suppliers Neededs (Project BIG - Image 284-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 284/365

At the weekenders I normally gets to goes on coolers travellers and trippies with Baz, but unfortunatelies like mosts thingies there is always an equal doser of poopsticks that goes along with a handfuller of jellybeanies.

For littles old me, the poopsticks normally amounters to me havings to stays around the hotels room all days long starterings on a Monday and right through all the daisies which follows untils Friday rollers around.

I knows that he has to workies, as otherwiser I wouldn't be abler to gets my handies on so many triple choco chippo cookies, somethings that I justs can't go withouters!

I has almosts got myselfer rounds to dealering with it alls week after week, buts when I openers the doors of our fridgie and finds that we is almosts completely outs of goodies it reminders me that I still has daisies to go until we gets the nexts weekender.

I has lefts Baz a littlers note on his pillower that says, "New suppliers neededs", hopefullies he will grabbers us some new goodies tomorrow after he finishers workies.

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