Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Uglyworld #1297 - Does You Thinks I Can Dunks?

Once Baz arrivereds home from workies, he findereds my noter that I was overs at the basketballer court havings fun and came overs to checks out my skillers!

After we playereds some one on ones againsts each other Baz gavereds me a challenger, "Babo, if you can dunk that ball in the net without using a ladder or steps of any kind, i.e. just by jumping, a big pile of cookies will be yours, but if you can't make it you're doing my washing for the rest of the month!".

Hmm, I reallies don't know if I should takes up the challenger, as I coulds do with the cookies, but the thoughts of smelly washerings is bads...

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