Thursday, 15 December 2011

Uglyworld #1368 - Holy Crapsticks It's True (Project BIG - Image 348-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 348/365

Afters Birdie spillereds the beans abouts the reasoners for him followerings me around insiders of my coolers jacketer, I was a littlers bit scepticals about whethers or nots he was tellerings the truths.

A secret pocketer insides the jacketer, well let me tells you, I hunteds high and lows insides the jacketer and did I finds the entrancers to a secret pocketer, no ways hosays!

I wents back to Birdie for furthers interromagations, and he tellereds me "I doesn't knows, alls I knows is I trieds to flappers my wings in excitements of hearings the voicer of Babo nearsby and alls of a sudden I hads some cookies magicallies appears insides the jacketer rights besides me, and tasties cookies they was too!".

Hmmm, "flapperings his wings" I thinkereds to myselfer, then went backs to the jacketer and dids the closerests version of flapperings my arms insides the jacket and outs of nowhere a pile of tastier cookies appeareds!

"Holy crapsticks, it's true", I thinkereds to myself...

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