Thursday, 5 January 2012

Uglyworld #1400 - Calimafornias! (Project TW - Image 5-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 5/365

Todays I was finallies abler to gets out of the hotels room and does a littlers bit of exploramanation, and more importantlies I was ablers to finds out where the hells I am!

Calimafornias, yups, you hearers me rights, Calimafornias, Wowzers with a capitals W...!!!

I gots myselfer ups, showereds and dresseds before Baz was evens beginnerings to wakes up, and have been outs and abouts all days long here to explorers the locals area in the cities called Sunnyvales.

I findereds loads of mega coolers stuff like a company calleds Lockheeders Martins, who accordings to the receptionister woman makes loads of coolers stuff that gets fireds off into space! I trieds to explains to her that I comes from Uglyworld, a planeter that is hundreds of thousanders of miles away outs in space, but I don't think she believereds me.

Nexts up I spottereds a huge armies plane flyerings low and lookings like it would lands, so I followereds the directions it wents to finds out if we were beings invadeds or somethings, and I findereds a place calleds Moffats Field. I trieds to pops into the receptioner there to says hello too, buts there was loaders of army peoples with big guns and stuffs standings at the door so I thoughts it was bests to about turns befores I gets captured and interomogated!

So fars so goods, a wholes day outs explorerings and it's already darks now again in the evenings. I wonders what else I can finds on the internets to do now that I knows wheres I am, maybies Baz has some planners up his sleevies for us toos!

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