Friday, 6 January 2012

Uglyworld #1401 - Is It Trues? (Project TW - Image 6-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 6/365

Afters checkerings out the Googler building that is calleds the Googleplex this mornings I headeds downtown to finds somewhere for lunchies.

I quite likers Subways, but a localler man tellereds me abouts a place callereds Togo's. He saids it was much tastiers than Subways, so I decidereds to gives it a try, and boy oh boys was it super tasties!

I popped backs to the hotel to checks out where else I could goes to visiters, and I noticereds that Baz has uploadereds a new photomagraph to Flickr from his tripper to Yosemites with Mireille and Babo lasts year.

I didn't thinkers too much abouts it untils I sees the commenters he leavereds under it, which basicallies makereds it sounds like we was goings to visiters it this weekends.

I was so mega excitereds that I forgettereds to goes back out agains this afternoons and just usereds the interwebs to researchers alls about the Nationals Park of Yosemites!

When Baz camers in the door after workies it musts have seemereds like I was lyings in waits to ambusher him, as I screamereds, "Is it trues?" to which he noddeds his head, smilereds and said "Yup! You better get to bed as we're leaving in the early hours to try and catch the sunrise".

Holy poosticks, Yosemites lookers super awesomely cools, buts a sunriser too, wowzers, I is already lovings this travellings lifestyler!

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