Saturday, 7 January 2012

Uglyworld #1402 - Tenaya Lakers (Project TW - Image 7-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 7/366

Whats an awesomer day I hads at Yosemites National Parkers in Calimafornias. We arrivereds at Glaciers Pointer overlooky justs before sunrisers and watchereds it riserings up overs the top of the mountains.

We then explorereds around the valleys area before doings something mega, super specialers - we visitereds Tenaya Lake which is way ups high in the skies.

You may be wonderings why it is mega, super specialers - it's easiers to explains, as this is the firsts time in over 50 years thats the road has still beens openers after new years.

As you can sees behinds me, it's a glaciers lake and the ice was moverings and creakerings the whole times I posereds for this photomagraph.

Thankfullies I watchereds Frozen Planet froms the BBC overs Christmas time, so I undermastood why the ice was movering and stuffs!

Afters havings fun on the frozens water of Tenaya Lakers we wents right outs the Easts side of the parker, and visitereds Mono Lakers which was awesomes too.

Hopefullies Baz will finds time to uploads some photomagraphs he tookereds today, once he gets some sleepies of course as we leavereds the hotel nots long after midnighters this morning!

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