Sunday, 8 January 2012

Uglyworld #1403 - Mono Lakers (Project TW - Image 8-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 8/366

It's super hards to beats my tripper to Yosemites Nationaler Park in Calimafornias, to be honests I thinks that tripper will mosts definitely be in my favouriters at the ends of the whole entires year.

As the olders saying goes, the shows must goes on!

As you can hopefully sees there is no snows or ices arounders me todays, and I can explainers why, as I is standerings in what is essentiallies a deserter, yups a deserter!

Behinds me you can sees one of the thingies you can visiters on the Easter sides of Calimafornias, Mono Lakers!

Afters being up in the colder mountains, I was happy to spenders the day besides the lake, which was being bathereds in sunshiners, I would have takened offs my hat buts my ear nubbins were still colds from beings up so high in the mountainers yesterdays!

This travellerings is simply awesomes, afters spending the weekender checkings out stuffs I can undermastands why we just does easiers stuff durings the week, to helpers us gets our energies back agains for the nexts weekender!

Rolls on nexts Saturdays for anothers trip aways, but I is sures that I will also finds enough to does during the weeker aheads while Baz is in workies...!!!

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