Monday, 16 January 2012

Uglyworld #1412 - Cookies (Project TW - Image 16-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 16/366

As so manys of you peoples out theres in internets land is news to checkerings out my photomagraphs each day, then you is probablies not quite up to speeders on whats I is and wheres I is froms, so I thoughts that I had better explainers a littlers bit abouts me!

You already knows my name is Wage, that is the simples bit of the wholes equationer, I is whats is known as Ugly, buts you has to knows that Ugly means Nice where I comes from, Uglyworld, which is a teeny weenies littler planet outs in the Uglyverse, quites some distancer aways from the Milkiers Way that you guys all lives insiders of.

As parts of a cultures mission, me and loads of my brotherers, sisterers and cousiners boardeds a super secrets spacership to heads out and explorers the universes and learns all abouters differents way of livings along the ways.

Almosts as soon as we arrivereds here on Earths, we fallereds in loves with one of Earths best keepereds secrets, cookies, they is simply awesomes.

After letterings our families and friendlies back on Uglyworld knows about our spectamactaculer discoveries, they makereds us promises to senders them a sampler of different cookies every month we is heres, so as you can imagines I has had to samplers many, many cookies alreadies.

My choice for this months is these funniereds named cookies, Sausamalito's, I buyereds a littlers packet to samples and scoffereds the lot befores you could shakers a lambs tail (I learneds this phraser from Baz), so they musts be toppers notch, perfects to senders back to Uglyworld, wells if I can keeps my hands off them longers enough to shippers them off, we'll sees!

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