Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Uglyworld #1414 - Footballers (Project TW - Image 18-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 18/366

Pictures the scener, Baz pullers up outsiders of Dave and Busterings to picks me up, I can sees him lookerings left and rights and he even shoutereds my namer.

I waiteds and waiteds until he starts to get worrieds and then I sprinters right ats him shoutering at the tops of my voice, "sixty fours, seventyteens, hut hut hut!!!".

He practicallies poopereds himselfer, ha ha, it was so funnies.

Oh yeah, I better explainers the helmets, todays while I was havings fun at Dave and Busterings this guy heareds me talkings about how Baz useds to plays ice hockeys and he askereds me if I was a sportiers dude too.

Of course I hads to uglies up to him, "For sures I is, I whoopers butts for breakfasts, and you doesn't wants to know what I does for lunch and dinners".

It seemeds to does the tricker, and afters a high five he handeds me this helmets to wear and says we was goings to play some footballs.

Ha ha, helmets for footballs, whats a nutbar....but I decideds to keepers the helmets and just keepers having funs!

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