Friday, 20 January 2012

Uglyworld #1416 - Movie Nights (Project TW - Image 20-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 20/366

Befores you askers, yuppers, I has my helmeters off tonights, and all because I is goings to the cineminima with Baz to sees a new filmer, and they doesn't letters you in withs a helmets on.

Uglyworld Awakenings it's callereds, Baz keeps trying to tellers me that it's Underworld and nots Uglyworld, but I knows that there is an Uglyworld filmer comings out so I is sures that this is it!

Checks out the crazy gun holderings chick that is goings to be the main characters in the filmer, her names is Kate Bikinisdale, I thinks she is theres to protectors my homers planet from evil monsterings.

Wowzers, I justs findered out that we is ables to watchers it in 3D toos, triple wozers infacts, it will be justs like being backs at home again!

I justs hopes that there isn't any biggers signs in the backsground askings where all the cookies I is supposeds to senders back to Uglyworld enders up.

I'm sure the filmer will rocks big time, and I'll lets you know how it goes too, okies!

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