Saturday, 21 January 2012

Uglyworld #1418 - San Franciscos (Project TW - Image 21-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 21/366

Alls weeker long the weatherings people were tellerings us that there woulds be rainers, rainers and more rainers bombardering us for daysies and daysies, but checkers it out, I visitereds San Franciscos and I didn't get rainereds on...!!!

I gets to sees Lombarders Street, Fishermanners Wharf and the coolesters bridge I has ever seens, the Goldens Gater Bridge, I was so super excitereds when Baz pullereds into the littlers carparker rights at the top of the hillsides on the Sausolitos side of the bridger, checks out the awesome views we had!

I didn't undermastand why the cookies I hads earlier in the weeks was callered Sausolitos, but now I understands completelies as the views from here is amazings so it's only fittings to givers amazing cookies the sames namer!

On the ways back down to Sunnyvales I gets a phone caller from my cousiner, Babo, who is still backs in our cookie cave over in Aachen, she tellereds me that she has finally openereds up her home bakering store, where you can gets the bestester pancakers, muffiners, doughnuters and pretties much any other tastiers snackies you can imaginers.

You should checks out her tastier snackies, I wishes she could does a delivery of goodies to me outs here to keeps me going!

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